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Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission  

Contest Rules

1) The contest is open to any Ohio student aged 13-18 and in grades 7-12 in public, private, charter, parochial, or home school. The deadline for submission of all materials is January 31, 2014.

2) Students in grades 7-9 should prepare submissions based on one of the following two prompts:

A) How did Ohio’s geographic location (including its proximity to Lake Erie) shape its strategic importance to the U.S. war effort against Britain during the War of 1812?

B) What were the major causes of the formation of an alliance between the British and some Native Americans? How important was the encroachment by U.S. farmers and pioneers upon Native American lands in the development of this alliance?

3) Students in grades 10-12 should prepare submissions based on one of the following two prompts:

A) Analyze the military campaigns within Ohio during the War of 1812 or the military campaigns involving Ohio soldiers beyond the state’s borders. In either case, identify the strategic aims of the commanders of the U.S. troops and assess the reasons why their operations succeeded or failed.

B) Analyze the role of Native Americans in Ohio and contiguous states in the War of 1812 and the war’s impact on Native Americans in Ohio.

4) Students shall reference primary and secondary sources, with particular emphasis on newspapers or other serial publications contemporary to the subject. Successful projects will interpret the meaning of period articles, advertisements, bulletins, and essays--in a broader context provided by secondary sources.

5) The final research product may be an essay, website, podcast, or Powerpoint presentation. The goal is to present historic narrative and interpretation in a compelling and informative manner.

Essays should adhere to these page limits:
Grades 7-9: 500-1,000 words
Grades 10-12: 1,000-2,000 words

Website submissions should adhere to these limits:
Grades 7-9: 250-500 words plus 5-10 images
Grades 10-12: 500-1,000 words plus 10-15 images

Podcasts and Powerpoint presentations should adhere to these limits:
Grades 7-9: 3-5 minutes
Grades 10-12: 5-10 minutes

6) All submissions in any form must be submitted electronically to the website of the State of Ohio War of 1812 Commission maintained by the Ohio Department of Commerce. Submissions must provide the following data on an electronic cover sheet: contestant’s name, e-mail address, postal address, grade, school, supervising teacher, and name(s) and e-mail address(es) of parent(s) or guardian(s).

The Commission will send an e-mail message to the address provided, confirming receipt of the submission. Contestants who do not receive such a confirmation within two business days of submission should contact the Ohio Department of Commerce at.

Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission
Ohio Department of Commerce
Attn: R. Alan Shellhause
Vern Riffe Government Building, 23rd floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6123

7) A parent or guardian must sign the “Consent and Waiver Form” in paper format and mail it to the address indicated on the form after submission.

8) Contestants must NOT reveal their identity on the essay, Powerpoint, podcast, or website, at risk of disqualification. This stipulation is designed to ensure “blind review” by the judges.

9) Students must upload submissions in one of the following formats: (1) Word (.doc or .docx); (2) Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx), or (3) PDF; OR must supply a link to a website where the contestant has posted a podcast or website. If a website link is provided, the contestant must ensure that the website remains active until June 30, 2014, as disqualification will occur if the judges cannot find the website.

10) The Department of Commerce webmaster will assign a random serial number to each submission and it will separate the submission from the contact information. Judges will see only the serial numbers. Once the judges identify winning entries, the Department of Commerce webmaster will reveal the identities of the winners.

11) Projects will be judged on the following criteria:
A) accuracy and clarity in representing historical events, persons, and places.
B) quality of assessment of the issues raised in the prompts.
C) understanding of the larger context surrounding the events being examined.
D) cogent style and/or creativity of the final product.

12) Judges will be recruited by the Education Working Group of the State of Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission.

13) Cash prizes will be offered to the first, second, and third place winners in each grade category on the following scale:

Grades   First place   Second place   Third place
7-9             $3,000           $1500                  $500
10-12         $3,000           $1500                  $500

14) Any ties in the scoring of the top, prize-winning submissions in each category will be resolved by a second round of evaluation or by an even division of the prizes among the tying entries.