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Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission  

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Please direct questions about the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission Speakers Bureau to Peter Hahn at hahn.29@osu.edu or Michelle Klinger at klinger.michelle@gmail.com or at michelle@c4npr.org or by phone at (419)241-9513. Those wishing to register after the March 1st deadline, please contact Michelle Klinger via klinger.michelle@gmail.com or at michelle@c4npr.org or by phone at (419)241-9513.

*The Bicentennial Commission reserves the right to reject the registrations of speakers who are not easily identifiable as qualified experts in the War of 1812 or whose presentation may fail to encourage the free and open exchange of knowledge that respects the rights and dignity of all people.

Registered Speakers

The Commission posts this list of recognized experts on the War of 1812 as a public service. Historical societies and other public groups seeking a speaker should contact and make all arrangements directly with the speaker. The Commission does not recommend any specific terms regarding remuneration or travel expenses.
Name E-mail Address Address Phone Company Name
or Affiliation
Topics Short Biographical Sketch
Robyn Hage rhage@bex.net 1944 Richmond Rd.
Toledo, OH. 43607
(419) 344-7615 Greater Toledo
Civil War Roundtable
Peter Navarre and the War of 1812
in Northwest Ohio
In 2002, Larry Michaels and I co-authored "Peter Navarre, War of 1812, The Man Behind the Legend" which traces Navarre's exploits during the war in Northwest Ohio. Since that time we have erected a Ohio Historical Marker to Peter Navarre in East Toledo and held numerous Peter Navarre Days, which is an official holiday of the City of Toledo. I am a teacher for Toledo Public Schools and am currently Vice President of the Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable.
Gregory Miller gregory.miller2@utoledo.edu 3828 Lockwood Ave.
Toledo, OH. 43612
(419) 350-2043 University of Toledo
/ Lourdes University
Effects of the War of 1812 (and events
  preceding it) on Native Americans
Effects of the War as it relates to
  local history (Toledo and Lucas County)
Ph. D. American History, University of Toledo 2008; author of Historic Photos of Toledo; formerly long-time employee of the Local History Department of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.
Mary Stockwell stockwellm@msn.com 1824 Lynbrook Drive
Toledo, OH. 43614
(419) 382-4785 Lourdes University
The Causes of the War of 1812
The Indian War of 1812
The War in the Western Country
Tecumseh's Role in the War of 1812
The War's Impact on Native Americans
The War of 1812 in a World Perspective
The Treaty of Ghent
William Henry Harrison
I hold an MA and PhD in American History from the University of Toledo. My specialty areas are the Early Naitonal Period and American Intellectual History. I am the author of several books and articles on the Early National Period including "Many Trails of Tears: The Removal of the Ohio Tribes" (OU Press, 2012). I also authored "The Ohio Adventure" used in schools throughout the state. I am a Professor of History at Lourdes University. My current research centers on General Anthony Wayne.
Larry L. Nelson nelsonl@bgsu.edu 20265 E. Taylor St.
Weston, OH. 43569
(419) 669-3044 Bowling Green State University
Detroit Theater 1812-1813
Fort Meigs
Fort Stephenson
Dudley's Defeat
Adj. Asst. Professor of history, BGSU
Editor, Northwest Ohio History
Former directer, Fort Meigs State Memorial
Widely published in Ohio's military history
Bruce Way bruce.way@utoledo.edu 3403 Kingsgate.
Toledo, OH. 43606
(419) 382-4763 University of Toledo
War in the West
Detroit Frontier
Professor of History and Foreign Languages at University of Toledo
Bruce Way received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Toledo and now teaches for both History and Foreign Languages at UT.
Jamie Oxendine JamieOxendine ojamie@bgsu.edu Black Swamp InterTribal Foundation
11073 Riverbend Court E.
Perrysburg, OH. 43551
(419) 381-7042 Black Swamp
InterTribal Foundation
Native America and the
Native American Perspective.
Jamie Oxendine is a Native American Speaker, Writer & Teacher, Storyteller, Professional Musician/Educator and Civil Rights Activist. He is of Lumbee/Creek Ancestry and a member of The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. He lectures on Native American Culture for schools, universities, and organizations across the United States and performs at Native American Ceremonies, Celebrations, Gatherings and Powwows. Jamie also serves as the Master of Ceremonies and the Arena Director for many Native American events. He performs and speaks at Living History Events and Time Period Events of the 18th & 19th Centuries across the U.S. & Canada in the French & Indian War, American Revolution and The War of 1812. Oxendine is especially knowledgeable in the Eastern Woodland Culture.
Lou Schultz Lou Schultz Lou_Schultz@columbusacademy.org 10238 Hoover Woods Rd.
Galena, OH. 43021
(740) 337-4309
(614) 560-0231 (Mobile)
Ohio War of 1812
Bicentennial Commission
A variety of topics relating to the
War of 1812 in the Northwest
with an emphasis on the
War in North-Central Ohio.
Lou Schultz was born and raised in Sandusky and developed an interest in the War of 1812 as a result of on a third grade field trip to the site of Ft. Stephenson in Fremont. He is a 1966 graduate of Allegheny College where he majored in history and a 1973 graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned a degree in German. He retired in 2008 from The Columbus Academy where he served as Director of Admissions and Financial Aid and as History Department Chairman for many years. He is currently serving as a member of the Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission.  His extensive collection of material relating to the war of 1812 in the Northwest will be displayed at the Hayes Presidential Center from February through September of 2013.
Karim Tiro 1812project@gmail.com 3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH. 45207
(513) 745-2039 Xavier University
Canadian Views of the War of 1812 Karim Tiro teaches early American history at Xavier University. Karim is the author of The People of the Standing Stone: the Oneida Nation from the Revolution through the Era of Removal (Univ. of Massachusetts Press, 2011) and co-editor of Along the Hudson and Mohawk: The 1790 Journey of Count Paolo Andreani (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2006). During the 2011-12 academic year, Dr. Tiro is a visiting professor at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
Sandy Antal Sandy Antal antalsandy@gmail.com 22 Westlake Court
Cameron, Ontario  K0M 1G0
(705) 879-4146 Independent Scholar
Anglo-Native Operations in the old Northwest,
Tecumseh and the Quest for a Native Homeland,
Henry Procter: Hero or Villain,
American Victory At Fort Meigs, &
British Expansionist Plans in the Old Northwest
Sandy Antal BA, B Ed, MA CD has served twenty Years service in Canadian Forces. Sandy is author of award-winning book - "A Wampum Denied Procter's War of 1812" - the first comprehensive account of Anglo-Native operations on the Western Theatre (also Duty Nobly Done and Invasions).
Mary Robinson Mary Robinson mrobinson@lourdes.edu Lourdes University
6832 Convent Blvd.
Sylvania, OH  43560
(419) 824-3947 or
(567) 277-8285
Lourdes University
In commemoration of the War of 1812,
Mary speaks on issues in Europe that
contributed to the War and influenced its course.
Mary Robinson is an Associate Professor of History at Lourdes University. She has taught at Lourdes for nine years and is currently the interim chair of the Department of History, Geography & Political Science. Her expertise is in 18th & 19th century European history, specifically the era of the French Revolution and Napoleon. She has published articles dealing with the French Revolution and Napoleon, and her book, Regulars in the Secular Realm: Benedictines of the Congregation of Saint-Maur in the 18th Century, was published in 2008.
Frank Kuron Frank Kuron kuronpubs@bex.net 207 W. Poinsetta
Toledo, Ohio 43612
419-478-5124 Independent History Enthusiast, Researcher and Author
Death of Tecumseh
Curious personalities/events of the 1812 era
Frank Kuron is a lifelong resident of Toledo, Ohio. He has been a graphic artist and copywriter for over 35 years; and an early American history enthusiast even longer. Frank authored his first book titled, “Thus Fell Tecumseh” in 2011. His book chronicles the battles and hardships of forces on both sides of the conflict in the year-and-a-half leading up to the Battle of the Thames in October of 1813; where the great Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, was killed. Over 160 primary accounts from diaries, newspapers, and letters provide the reader with the opportunity to solve the 200 year old historical mystery of how and by whose hand Tecumseh was slain. Frank has been a frequent guest columnist for the Toledo Free Press newspaper, writing War of 1812 era feature stories. The articles are written to shine a light on lesser known people, events and after-effects of the War of 1812. He is currently researching material for his next book on frontier life in the Northwest Territory and is a board member of the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Preservation Commission.